Caregiver Duties – The good, bad, and ugly!

Caregiver duties – The line has been drawn.

I have been working as a nurse for the last 8 years, my name is Levi and I speak from experience when I say “the duties of a caregiver are very important, people are relying on you to help them through their day.”

caregiver duties

One thing to remember as a caregiver, is that whether you as the caregiver are direct family or meeting someone for the first time, you should care for that person and treat that person as one of your own loved ones.  Below I will breakdown many of the caregiver duties.  These are not duties you just type up on a piece of paper hoping to “get that job!”

Your patient will label you as a fake so quick and you will never be able to recover from that, trust me.

Assisted Living/Nursing Home Caregiver Duties

If you are looking to be a caregiver in an assisted living home or nursing home.  You will find out pretty quickly if you have what it takes, I recommend before applying, request to shadow a current employee and see first hand if caregiver duties are something that you can handle.  Every duty that you tackle in this environment is directly related to a person’s ADLs (Activities of daily living).

This brings me to the most important of caregiver duties.  It is that of Personal care.

This includes everything related to hygiene. Brushing teeth or cleaning dentures can be the most neglected of caregiver duties, whether nurse, cna, or family member.   Ok, Ill get off my soap box!

Bathing, combing hair, making the bed, helping someone to the bathroom, wiping after bathroom use (yeah you know what I mean).  Being a caregiver is a full time duty so while they are sleeping, we as caregivers make sure they stay clean and dry.

Don’t forget to turn people every 2 hours to prevent pressure sores from forming (Back, left side, right side, repeat)  Pretend that this person is a new born baby, now I did not say treat them like a baby and talk down to them like a baby.  Many elderly folks can still make their own decisions and we should respect them.  Care for them as a new born baby needs care.  Help feeding, help cooking and cleaning, help bathing.  But let them do the things they are able to do don’t rush them because you can do it faster.  Help them with the things they need help with and allow them to maintain as much independence as possible.

Caregiver duties – When its your own family member.




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